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Curriculum Aim


Curriculum Aim:  For all pupils to be well educated and contribute to society in a positive way.

At St Christopher we provide a rich and inspiring curriculum for all our pupils. The curriculum is planned to equip every pupil with the strong primary foundation that they require to be successful in secondary education and become a well-educated individual in society. Pupils are nurtured in our school - they become confident learners as well as kind, honest and respectful individuals. At St Chris our curriculum takes pupils on an exciting but comprehensive journey; they are progressively taught planned knowledge and skills, and benefit from experiences across a range of curriculum areas.  Our curriculum develops pupils as individuals and as positive contributors to society. 

All the curriculum content on this website can be found in our Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Objectives.  

Our pupils will ……..

Be able to understand and use spoken and written language and communicate effectively through speaking, listening, reading and writing. (Key Objective) 

Develop a personal understanding of themselves and a mutual understanding of others. 

Possess numeracy skills and have an understanding of mathematical concepts and processes in a variety of contexts. 

Gain digital skills and be creative in digital technology. 

Be informed and inquisitive about their own and other religious beliefs.

Develop creativity and be able to express themselves and their ideas through art, music, drama and dance.

Understand the importance of physical exercise, participate and compete in various sports.

Know about the world around them from the perspectives of geography, design technology, history and science.

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