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Curriculum Organisation



Our Structure and Approach

Our school is organised in three key stages. Foundation Phase (Nursery and Reception), Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6).  Foundation Stage content is taught through a play-based curriculum which encompasses the characteristics of effective learning, Each half term incorporates direct teaching linked to a number of engaging stories that inspire children to learn and in particular communicate, read and write.  Planned knowledge and skills are typically delivered through linked, meaningful activities and stimulating experiences across the indoor and outdoor setting, allowing children to use what they have learned and apply it in new situations.  The foundation curriculum covers all of the statutory areas of learning, laying a strong foundation for the curriculum in KS1. It also supports children to approach opportunities with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm.  The curriculum in early years focuses learning on knowledge linked to themselves, their lives, and their community.  As children journey through school the content gradually broadens to incorporate the wider world. 

    In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, pupils typically learn planned curriculum content within each named subject. Some subjects are taught within a termly project; these projects are driven by History and Geography and typically connect to Art and DT objectives.  Although other subjects including Maths and English are taught discretely, cross curricular links are made. An overview of Foundation Subjects are shown in the document: Foundation Subject Overview.

Right across our school the teaching of english is prioritised; it is at the heart of the St Christopher curriculum as we know that it is the curriculum objective that once mastered, will enable pupils to become lifelong learners and achieve overarching curriculum aim. From a young age our staff use books to widen pupils’ vocabulary, develop their language and spark their imagination. When pupils are ready our staff expertly teach the technical aspects of reading including phonics; they then teach pupils how to become competent readers. We take the responsibility of ensuring pupils reach expected milestones very seriously; to achieve this our staff are deployed effectively and pupils are grouped in a variety of ways to accelerate progress. We use both ability and mixed ability groupings - groups are flexible as they are based upon ongoing assessments. 

     At St Chris we use bespoke teaching schemes to teach some subjects. We also use carefully chosen commercial schemes and resources - these are always adjusted to enhance our curriculum and to meet the needs of our children at St Christopher. 

Our twitter feed is where share and celebrate much of our learning with parents and carers. @stchrisprimary twitter captures our wonderful curriculum.

All the information above can be found in our Curriculum Statement

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