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Staff and Governors

Senior Leaders

Mrs Robinson - Headteacher

Mrs Evans - Deputy Headteacher KS2 Leader

Mrs Harrison - Assistant Headteacher KS1 Leader


Miss R Knighton - Nursery Leader/Class Teacher

Mrs Mitchell - Early Years HLTA

 Mrs Caldas - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kooner - Teaching Assistant

Reception Class

Mrs Watson - Reception Leader

Mrs Powe/Mrs Watson   - RP Class Teacher 

Mrs Cook - RC Class Teacher

Miss Biggs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs  Brookes - Teaching Assistant 

Year 1

Mrs Loysin Stokes - 1S Class Teacher

Miss Bryson - 1B Class Teacher

Mrs Carrington - Teaching Assistant

Miss Short - Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mr McAllister- 2M Class Teacher

Mrs Iliff and Miss Elward - 2I Class Teacher

Mrs Stapleton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rubacki and Mrs Hasnip - Teaching Assistant

Miss Z- SEN Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mrs Twomey - 3T Class Teacher

Mr Smalley - 3M Class Teacher

Mr Moynihan - Class Teacher

Mrs Jack - Teaching Assistant 

Year 4

Mrs Palmer - 4P Class Teacher

 Mrs Wall - 4W Class Teacher 

Mrs Crawley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Carter - SEN Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Mrs Gibson - 5G Class Teacher

Mr Tarn - 5T Class Teacher

Miss Knight - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Shaw - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mrs Wilson – 6W Class Teacher

Mr R Nagra - 6N Class Teacher

Mrs C Putnam – Teaching Assistant

Admin Team

Mrs O'Connor – Admin Manager

Mrs Walker – Admin

Mrs  Patel - Admin

Mrs Ashton - Admin

Mrs  Tuckey – Finance Administrator

Other Staff

Mrs  Dixon - HR Manager

Mr Stevenson - Facilities Manager

Mr J Scullion – Site Services Officer

Mrs Flegg - HLTA Cover Supervisor

Miss Elward - HLTA Cover Supervisor

Mr M Coyle – Sports Coach

Miss I Pamely - Family Support  (Maternity Leave )

Mrs N Hasnip - School Tutoring/TA Cover

Lunchtime Assistants

Senior Lunchtime Assistant – Mrs Harrison-Brandon

Nursery - Mrs Khan - Lunchtime Assistant 

Year R –  Mrs McCullough - Lunchtime Assistant

Year R - Mrs White - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 1 - Miss Ashton - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 1 – Mrs Hollis - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 2 – Miss Morgan - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 2 – Miss Hussain - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 3 – Miss Craik  - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 3 - Mrs McFadden - Lunchtime Assistant 

Year 4 – Mrs Ayub  - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 4 – Mrs Idrizi - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 5 – Mrs Hussain - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 5 – Mr Hasnip - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 6 – Mrs McNulty - Lunchtime Assistant

Year 6 - Mrs Manan - Lunchtime Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Davies - Catering Manager 

Mrs  Stojsavljevic - Kitchen Staff

Ms  Ferris - Kitchen Staff

Mrs  Holder - Kitchen Staff

PlayPals Extended Care

Play Leader - Miss J Davies  

Deputy Play Leader - Miss M O'Sullivan

Play Workers

Mrs  McNulty

Mrs  Manan

Miss  Shields

Mrs  Ayub

Mr  Hasnip

Mrs Warwick Oliver

Miss Jones


Chair of Governors

Mrs P Smitham

Co-opted Governors

Mrs R Evans

Mr J Hinde

Mrs L Reeves

Mr D Semple (Vice Chair)

Mrs R Taylor

Mrs C Wall

Ms J Woolass


Mrs C Robinson

Staff Governor

Mrs A Harrison

Mr J McAllister

Parent Governors

Mrs Sophia Mellor

Mrs K Wilton (Safeguarding Governor)

Mrs H Morrin

Mr W Lyttle





Contact Us

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(024) 7667 5017