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Curriculum Subjects


Our maths curriculum maps detail the content we teach. Maths resources used include Write Rose maths, school developed mental maths programme and Timetables Rockstars.

 You can  view our Maths Methods in our Handbook 

Year R Maths Curriculum Map

Year 1 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 2 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 3 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 4 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 5 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 6 Maths Curriculum Map


The English curriculum includes Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

We have English curriculum maps for reading and writing. We use a variety of schemes and resources to support curriculum delivery. Schemes and Resources include: RWI Phonics, Infant and Junior Language, Speechlink, Spelling Shed, Fresh Start and Spytime

Year R English Curriculum Map

Year 1 English Curriculum Map

Year 2 English Curriculum Map

Year 3 English Curriculum Map

Year 4 English Curriculum Map

Year 5 English Curriculum Map

Year 6 English Curriculum Map

Reading and Spelling Word Lists

Year N Reading Curriculum Map

Year R Reading Curriculum Map

Year 1 Reading Curriculum Map

Year 2 Reading Curriculum Map

Year 3 Reading Curriculum Map

Year 4 Reading Curriculum Map

Year 5 Reading Curriculum Map

Year 6 Reading Curriculum Map


This is taught discretely and linked to projects where appropriate.

Science Overview

Geography, History, Art and DT

We teach these subjects linked to a termly project. The projects can be found here: Foundation Subject Overview The objectives are all identified on our online planning tool derived from Cornerstones Curriculum Maestro Cornerstones Curriculum Projects. Our teachers plan their lessons using the online platform which is personalised to our school.


Computing is taught in skill based lessons and during a range of other lessons.

Computing Overview

Faith and Belief (RE)

Faith and Belief (RE) taught as a discrete subject. Links are made where possible to the themes.

Faith and Belief



Music is taught through a variety of whole class instrument lessons, whole school singing, individual instrument lessons, other lessons linked to themes.

Music Overview

PE and Dance

This is delivered by teaching staff including our school coach and additional specialised staff.

PE Overview

Dance Overview


Languages Overview


Jigsaw is a PSHE Education programme with a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time. The programme has been adjusted to meet the needs of our children at St Christopher and various schemes and resources are used to enhance and compliment PSHE eg: NSPCC Bikeability. The scheme includes one puzzle piece on Relationship and Sex Education. 

PSHE Overview

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Jigsaw Helpful Guide

Jigsaw LGBT Guide



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